Geosat is a leading geodetic company that:

  • has an experienced team,
  • employs cutting edge technology,
  • specialises in various fields,

The core of our company is the team of very experienced employees. Here at Geosat we co-operate with many experts, typically cartography and geodetic graduates from AGH University of Science and Technology. Geosat is capable of employing even fifty teams to run your project. Geosat operates on very modern, approved measuring equipment and up to one hundred GPS transmitters. Additionally, we possess various radio licenses and we have a possibility to operate on multifunctional precise satellite positioning system ASG-EUPOS.

We have been trusted by many clients not only in Poland, but also all over the world. Check our references.

Geosat specializes in conducting measurements in remote and difficult terrains, uses over thirty powerful 4-wheel drive vehicles, or even drones. One of our greatest achievements is a successful measurement of three thousand total cross-sections in the catchment area of the San River within only sixty days – that is why Geosat is a recognized and acknowledged geodetic company known for its reliable services and flexibility.

Photo gallery

Photo gallery our geodetic services not only in Krakow and its vicinity, but also all over the country and abroad.