Geosat is a well-known geodetic company from Krakow that offers its measurement services to various clients.

We specialize is high-accuracy geodetic measurements for various types of clients, even in the most remote locations. Thanks to our experienced and skilled experts, hundred GPS transmitters and our fleet of 4-wheel drive vehicles, we are able to handle all kinds of projects.

Geosat offers the following services:

  • direct geodetic measurements,
  • zero state measurements,
  • GPS measurements,
  • angle and line measurements,
  • geodetic control networks ,
  • network independent real time setting out (we use our own UHF bands),
  • seismic data processing,
  • terrain reconnaissance and analysis,
  • GPR research.

We carry out the following types of geodetic measurements:

  • angle and line measurements,
  • precise leveling,
  • satellite leveling,
  • static GPS measurements, rapid static relative positioning, stop & go, kinetic real time, RTH UHF, RTK GSM, RTN.

The price of our geodetic measurements depend on the project and client’s requirements. You may see example prices below:

  • RTK measurements – price starts from 1,00 PLN,
  • precise and static measurements – price starts from 50,00 PLN
  • rear time setting out – price starts from 5,00 PLN

All prices are set individually and discounts are given to regular customers.

We would be more than happy to visit you at your premises and talk about your project.